Design Processes for Perishable Goods

I had been designing processes in SAP enterprise software, considering the user needs and the system constraints for some years, but had never worked providing services for a company that produced perishable goods. In 2011, the consulting company I was working for assigned me to Roll-out a Global SAP Template for a Dairy Company in Brazil.

My role was Consulting Leader of the SAP Procurement team, with two consultants reporting to me. I was also the subject matter expert in Brazilian processes in SAP. Thus, every process that would involve material movements not for sale had to be reviewed by me.

May activities included planning and organizing the activities of my team, and reviewing the processes designed by the production, finance and inventory teams. I also performed consulting activities, such as interviewing users, designing processes, requesting approval of changes to the IT team in France team, and configuring the system based on their user needs. Moreover, I had to learn how to design quicker processes for handling perishable goods but still be compliant with Brazilian laws.

It was a great challenge and the smooth implementation to the production environment granted me a contract extension with the client. After the project went live, my team was re-allocated to other projects and I continued working for the client in system enhancements for more 6 months.