First Implemention Project

I had been working with SAP enterprise software in customer service support for more than two years. I knew how to configure some things in the system. However, I had never had the experience of configuring the whole system from beginning to end until I worked on a project to implement SAP for a real-state company in Brazil.

Process flow designed, using the software Aris


After the initial installation of SAP, everything had to be configured to make it functional, including the most basic organizational elements, such as productive plants, offices and purchasing groups. To be able to configure the system, I conducted interviews with key-users to understand the procurement processes they were following. Then, I designed how the users would execute their processes in SAP, with the software Aris.

Once the processes were approved, I started configuring the system and writing functional and technical specifications for the developers to adjust system programs. For example, I requested was the purchase order form, which I designed, and tested for implementation.

Purchase order form designed by me and implemented


The purchase order form presented a new challenge and I am glad I could come up with a solution for it.  The overall project was a collaborative effort and the work with my team-mates made the implementation possible.