Technical Leadership in IT Procurement Team

In 2010, I was assigned by the consulting company I was working for to implementat a project, end-to-end. The client had SAP enterprise software in other countries, but was using JD Edwards, another enterprise software, in Brazil. The goal of the project was to Roll-Out the Global Template of SAP.

The project team was composed of approximately 30 consultants and I was the technical lead for the Procurement Team, organizing my work and the work of other two consultants. Because the Global IT team of the client was located in U.S., we had to report directly to them on any adjustment required for the Brazil operations. Thus, after interviewing the key-users and design the new processes in SAP, we submited all change requests to the team in U.S and explained the user needs during conference calls.

One of the most challenging aspects of this work was to handle pricing that would break down the gross price (price with taxes, commercially used in Brazil) into the net price (necessary in SAP). It was necessary for me to learn about tax calculations from the client’s tax team, write the functional specifications for development, conduct testing and train users.

Screen designed by me to configure the taxes that the new pricing would calculate

Due to the complexity of the tax system in Brazil, development took longer than expected, and I dealt with multiple rounds of bug fixes before it was ready for user testing. My quality assurance process was so accurate that I was asked to become the coordinator of integrated tests (across business areas) for the procurement team.