Implementing eProcurement Tool

Imagine that a procurement team is ready to start using an eProcurement tool, which was bought by the company team in U.S. and it was supposed to a simple plug and play. Now imagine that this tool is not compliant with Brazilian tax calculations and could result in government fines for the company.

This scenario was apparent to me when I was asked to review a project, while working as a System Specialist and Project Manager. When I realized what the issue was, I contacted both IT, Procurement and Tax teams and to discuss the legal implications. To solve the issue, we had to bring human resources from the eProcurement company to help design the new processes with us. Unfortunately, a project that was initially projected to last a couple of weeks, took a year to be fully implemented. That happened because the original planning from the eProcurement company didn’t consider the specificities of Brazil, which we properly considered in our project.

As a result, our story was showcased in SAP Forum Brazil 2015, in which the Procurement manager and I presented the process we used to solve the situation. Our presentation was well received by the audience, composed by other professionals facing similar problems.

Me presenting at SAP Forum Brazil, in 2015