Redesign the Carleton University Cafeteria

Project developed with Phonesavanh Thongsouksanoumane and Renee Isaac-Saper (Design students) for the course HCIN 5404 – Design Research Methods (Fall 2016), Carleton University

My role on this project included developing the user position map, the user groups (Figure 1), and the personas (Figure 2) to the identification of insights. My team and I designed a new solution for the cafeteria, which made better use of space and included more entertainment and restaurant options for faculty, staff and students at Carleton University (Figure 3). To illustrate the solution proposed, I created a storyboard, using Plotagon (


Figure 1: User Position Map

Figure 2: Persona

Figure 3: Perspective of the new entrance to the Cafeteria by Renee Isaac-Saper