Quality Assurance of System Developments

One of my assignments as a consultant involved working for a project that was already in the execution phase (development and configurations were being completed and tested). I was asked to assure the quality of a development in the enterprise software SAP.

However, after some initial tests, I noticed the development wasn’t working properly. In an effort to adjust it, I worked directly one-on-one with the programmer. I recognized some problems that were occurring and as a result, it was slowing down the development process. In the end, I coded some parts of the program myself (even though I’m not a programmer), because of the depth of my involvement in the programming logic.

The programmer and I analyzed the SAP constraints in details and noticed that we could not deliver the program requested with the necessary consistency without jeopardizing the whole system performance. I presented this detailed analysis to the senior managers on the project (both consulting and client sides) and recommended that the program be discarded. Based on my rationale, the program was abandoned and I helped a client avoid development that would consume a great deal of time and resources for a product that would have a short shelf life.

My attitude was valued and resulted in my nomination to be the IT coordinator of the Sao Paulo “war room” (where one IT and one business lead provide immediate support to users post system implementation).